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Build modern websites with the latest technology

We’ll take you from zero to hero, with the latest technology frameworks that encompass fully responsive websites and content management systems.

We take pride in our user-first
approach to web development

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Web development at Mojo Digital

We transform your vision into fully functionctioning, lighting fast, dynamic websites with our experienced web development team.

You may utilise our web development team to assist you implement your project as an extension of your own team. Using the best web development methodologies combined with the latest technologies we develop web solutions to meet and exceed your needs and help you set you apart from your competitors.


Our Web Development Manifesto

We’re geeks at heart and take pride in website loading speed, and finite details. We love building lightweight websites with precision, animations, user engagement techniques however, without compromising any functionality.

We’ll check every device breakpoint, and prioritise our functionality based on the end user. We’ll also ensure that all assets are optimized for all devices and no unneccessary fluff is left unused. We look for partners, not one-off clients, as we like to get immersed in the web development procedure of any website. We cross-browser test all our end products to ensure all mobile and desktop devices are working swiftly.

We always take time to understand your vision, your business, your processes, and your end product.

We don’t like building the wrong things, since that is a waste of time, energy and money. The journey of building the right thing commences with understanding what value you are trying to bring to your customers, and if a technical solution is the right way to go about it. We’ll help you prototype and validate your idea as effectively as possible. This usually doesn’t entail of writing any code.

What’s the point in embarking on a journey together, as a team, if we don't take the time to understand the ins and outs of your business and operations. We know that ‘product’ can be done in many different ways, and the word "agile" means different things to any individual. We'll suggest things based on our experience, which will help you align your processes to fit with modern ways of thinking and delivering software at a good pace.

We place value in software development as an artform, continuous delivery, open source tools and the cloud.

As experienced developers we are aware that getting the foundations right is the most important thing when it comes to any build. Similar to building a house. Right?

We make sure to set up automated testing, development and deployment processes right from the start. We build as a team, so we make sure all our developers write in the same consistent code structure. We have created review processes which allow us to develop with flexibility, and think like engineers.

We are definitely not reinventing the wheel, hence our love for open source code, reusability of libraries, and technical adjustment based on our needs. However, in the case that a problem we’re set with hasn’t been solved, we're happy to build from the ground up , and contribute back to open source communities equally.

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We’re Mojo, a small, full-stack web design and web development agency who power ambitious businesses. See how our professional team of web developers build innovative websites.

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