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Pesky Fish

A better way to buy fish

A daily market to buy fish from the British inshore fleet. A hybrid bespoke marketplace built to create access with 100% traceability to the freshest seafood landed in the UK and help fishermen receive more value for their catch, better for the fishermen, the environment and for you.

Pesky Fish, one of London's Green Tech 100 best startups approached us with several challenges around the experience they were able to offer their customers through their existing Shopify platform. They were suffering from issues with loading time, faulty carts, a poor mobile experience which was affecting their customer retention rate and ability to scale the business.

We teamed up with team Pesky on numerous digital hangouts to become properly immersed in their operations, flows and pain points. The team alongside Rob O'Shea, Head of Growth, was fantastic at responding and enabling us to better understand what they do. Upon taking the pain points and transcribing them into technical requirements, we set out the UX flows for how the new hybrid WooCommerce, bespoke ecommerce solution would be, to help Pesky Fish re-establish their success digitally and put smiles on their loyal user base.

With the help of Rob, we understood metrics, projects sales, and operations, which we then transcribed into UIUX journeys, data driven technical decisions, server optimization and conversion-led product design.

Within 4 weeks we were able to use our technical abilities to create a hybrid WooCommerce solution with bespoke code wrappers to solve Pesky's "leaky bucket" issues, and get them to receive an A+ grade on GTMetrix for loading speed. This is what we call a proper website design strategy in our offices in Cyprus.

Rob said:

"So, lot's to be pleased with from our first couple of weeks. Most notably a significant improvement in our 'leaky bucket' in terms of customers viewing a product but not adding to cart. We now see 3 times as many people adding to cart as a result of rebuilding the checkout experience, implementing a way to reserve stock in your basket and therefore being able to increase the range and volume of stock we can now offer to customers. This has led to us more than doubling our conversion rate - that's no mean feat!"

In doing so, Mojo was able to fix Pesky's issues and from what we've been told Pesky has "smashed all their targets. We loved the web development and web design, which equally helped entice our customers".

Feeling so immersed in the team, and getting to know Pesky's operational models and technical pain points, enabled us to feel one with them and come to another success story.

"But I genuinely think you guys are the best I've worked with. And I'm so excited about what we could create with you." - Rob, Head of Growth, Pesky Fish


Moving into the future, with a product development approach, we'll be working with Pesky to further scale their business and operations, almost as part of their team, longer term. If anything, on behalf of Mojo, we now feel them as our 2nd tentacle, and vice versa!

Our expert team in Cyprus loves focusing on the UIUX, web design and web development aspects of companies like Pesky as we see the immediate impact our website techniques have. Big smiles!

UK-gang, visit Pesky Fish to get some fresh fish, straight off the boat, and follow their journey into seas, oceans and beyond!


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