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We’re a leading SEO service provider in Cyprus, bringing groundbreaking SEO services to local agencies, entrepreneurs and small businesses.

You should show up when people search for things online

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Search Engine Optimization, or better abbreviated as SEO Cyprus is the term which defines driving traffic to your website organically, by using Google as a search engine.

Today, more businesses have gone digital, and use the internet to buy and sell their services. We can help you acquire new customers by:

  • Auditing your website, fixing potential errors and making improvements
  • Bringing more traffic to your website
  • Helping you rank for competitive keyword search results

Guess what? We can help!

  • With our SEO Cyprus services we'll bring the right, converting traffic to your website
  • We love organic search, we think it brings the best type of traffic
  • We firmly believe that being on the 1st page of Google brings the best results
  • Investing in SEO Cyprus services reaps long term rewards
  • Localized and organic SEO enables your business to build credibility
  • SEO will bring new and undiscovered leads to your business
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Brain Storm

Here's where our SEO Cyprus team gets to know you. We have a meeting to understand your SEO goals, expectations and deliverables. This consultation is free of charge and enables us to outline all your needs. Once the brainstorming is over we take what you've said and turn it into a website audit, enabling us to pin point all your SEO based problems that may arise on your website.

SEO Inspection / Audit

Our number one priority is to audit your website and enable you and us to understand the pain points, any troublesome errors and come back to you with super human solutions. From our experience, our audits have shown issues relating to content, broken links, large images, improper meta data, semantically incorrect code structure, improper indexing among many more. This is where our expert SEO Cyprus team will provide you with a fully customised report outlining all your SEO pain points. This SEO audit report will act as the basis to our continued efforts.

Keyword Analysis

With your help, our SEO Cyprus team identifies the most important keywords in your industry, product and service needs. When our SEO team in Cyprus has understood your needs, we'll take that list and conquer. We will get back to you promptly with all the searches on a monthly basis relating to your keyword selection, competition, likelihood of ranking and a consultation as to how we would proceed with both low hanging fruit and SEO higher hanging fruit with regards to your industry. Our SEO Cyprus team always ensures that we are aligned with your keyword intent.

Onsite Optimization

Whether you are based in Cyprus or abroad, our SEO team will help you get top notch onsite page optimization. After an onsite page audit with our tools, we'll ensure to help you with any broken links, large images, proper semantic HTML, inclusion of alt text and meta data along with their descriptions for all social platforms, content and blog creation and no duplicate tags. In a nutshell, our SEO Cyprus team will clear your site of any toxic links and ensure you're a rock star.

Offsite Optimization

Once our SEO Cyprus team optimizes your onsite SEO page, then there are several factors that are "outside" your webisite that can affect your SEO ranking. These things entail of: Social Media posting, link building strategies, press releases, blog posts, reviews and more.

SEO Monitoring & Reporting

As a SEO Cyprus client, this is your morning coffee, your evening beer, your most important metric. Our in-house SEO reports provided by the Cyprus team at Mojo Digital will enable you to have full visibility of our work and SEO progress. These reports, given on the 4th week of each month will give you insight as to how your page is ranking, keyword optimization and conversion rates. This will make sure your SEO Cyprus investment is in full transparency and you can see your immediate and long term results.

What value you will get

Our Cyprus SEO services help you get more organic traffic on your website

#1 Google Page Ranking

We'll make sure your website ranks on the first page of Google for the keywords of your choice

SEO Audit

You'll receive a full SEO website audit from us, where we'll find and outline all the issues on your website

Ongoing live reports

Once you make your investment, then we'll be outlining your returns daily, weekly, monthly with full scale SEO reports

Competitive advantage

We use modern SEO tools to analyze your local competitors and give you a competitive edge

Top notch support

Our client-first approach enables us to help you with any SEO related questions you may have at any time, any where

Dream team

Our biggest asset is our SEO Cyprus team. With over 7 years of collaborative experience, we're here to share our knowledge


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Web Design Cyprus, Web Development


Why choose team Mojo for your SEO Cyprus project? ⚡️

Our expert team from Cyprus and London has over seven years of collaborative experience in SEO, web design and web development

You'll get top website rankings for your relevant keywords with our SEO services

A team of SEO experts from Cyprus and London helping you conquer all your demands and turn your traffic into sales and leads

The most recent and up to date technology stack and SEO tools to help you stay ahead of the game versus your other SEO competitors

From zero to hero SEO Audits on a monthly basis giving you the where abouts of any issues your website may have

SEO first approach to loading speed - we love mobile responsiveness and will rank your website with an A grade from GT Metrix of Google Page Insights

Our Cyprus SEO team is here to support you seven days a week no matter where you are in the world

From Cyprus to Portland, to London, to Canada, to Berlin, to California, you name it, we've done it. SEO is a global outreach and our team and tools enable us to rank you on a global scope

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Web design web development project photo

Web Design Cyprus, Web Development

Global Trusted Payment Solutions Provider

A bespoke web design and web development for a global trusted payment solutions provider for various online industries. For this project our web design team went above and beyone by creating an interactive animation to fit the bespoke web design. We have used the latest technologies to ensure web speed, as well as aesthetics.

Web design web development project photo

Web Design Cyprus, Web Development

Creative Studio

A Hackney Wick based creative design studio website, showcasing their latest work with clients like Nike, Fifa and more. We've worked remotely with HBM from our office in Cyprus to create bespoke Web Design and Web Development solutions for both their and our clients globally.

Web design web development project photo

Web Design Cyprus, Web Development

NFT Marketplace

A fully bespoke web design, web and blockchain development build for an NFT marketplace for architects in the metaverse with #1 SEO Google ranking globally, crafted with love on the Ethereum blockchain. Using Solidity and NextJs we have brought this beautiful and soon to be successful project into life.

Web design web development project photo

Web Design Cyprus, Web Development

Orange Jellyfish
Web Development Agency

A bespoke ReactJS build with web design and web development crafted in Cyprus for a London-based Software Development hub.

Web design web development project photo

Web Design Cyprus, Web Development

Toffee Club
English Pub in Portland

A semi-bespoke web design and web development for Portland based English Pub with #1 SEO Cyprus Google ranking overseas.

Web design web development project photo

Web Design Cyprus, Web Development

The Green Woof
Pet Store

A bespoke web design and web development e-commerce solution for a local pet shop in Cyprus.

Web design web development project photo

Web Design Cyprus, Web Development

Students Worldwide
Forum - Blog - Content

A bespoke WordPress build with a custom theme with an interactive map, a forum and blog, helping our client spread the word about overseas studying & traveling. Web Design and Web Development was remotely done from our offices in Cyprus.

Web design web development project photo

Web Design Cyprus, Web Development

Lesley Sharp
Before We Die (Channel 4) Showreel

A bespoke CMS-powered website for UK Actress Lesley Sharp, in light of her new Channel4 TV series "Before We Die". From our offices in Cyprus we did a custom web design & web development process enabling Lesley to shine on Netflix, iTV & Channel 4.

Web design web development project photo

Web Design Cyprus, Web Development

Pesky Fish
A marketplace to buy fresh fish direct from British fishermen straight from their boat

Bespoke website build for Pesky Fish, a marketplace enabling everyone to buy fresh fish straight off the boat, before it goes to any stores! Our Web Design and Web Development team in Cyprus enabled Pesky Fish to double their sales in one month after launch with their ROI-driven design approach.

Web design web development project photo

Web Design Cyprus, Web Development

New York Style Pizzeria | Web Design Cyprus

A landing page with Google Map integration for PizzaJo's! Our minimal web design approach recommended by the Cyprus team gave a speedy and highly converting landing page for our client. We used the latest web development technologies to ensure our client got a lightning fast loading website.

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Web Design Cyprus

Creative web design from Cyprus ensuring we make aesthetically beautiful websites that enable your users to stay engaged

Web development logo icon

Web Development

Build bespoke websites that utilise the latest technology, accessibility and web standards for fast and engaging website user experience

Mobile app development logo icon

Mobile Development

We build bespoke mobile applications that are compatible with iOS and Android devices. Web Design and UX is always done from zero to hero

Ecommerce logo icon


WooCommerce, Shopify or bespoke powered ecommerce web design with a conversion in mind, to turn your traffic into leads and sales

Blockchain development logo icon

Blockchain Dev

We build NFT, Swaps and DEXs utilizing Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain development with web design and web development best practices

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SEO Cyprus

We help businesses increase visibility with our SEO best practices and methodologies along with our top quality SEO tools to guarantee a place on Google's #1 page for your website

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