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UX Consultations

Understand your users and outline how your product benefits them.

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Design Sprints

Go from idea to an interactive prototype in a matter of weeks.

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Build & Launch

Bring your idea to life by launching a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or website.

Every project’s requirements are unique. Contact Jacob to discuss your product and see how we can help.


Team Mojo took our idea, and built it into a fully fledged ecommerce solution where our users can now shop our clothes online!

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Myrto Peristiani

Founder, Relevant Artists


Created a prototype that helped raise $200K in seed funding

Designed apps featured on the app store

Designed & developed MVP of a web app in under 12 weeks

Worked with tech startups to design products for over 5 years

Develop multi-device responsive websites and web apps

Ongoing relationships with successful financial startups and brokers

Our capabilities

User research & testing


UI and UX design

Interactive prototypes


Website & web app development

Serverside optimization

Custom content management systems

Website sales funnel optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Onsite SEO

Offsite SEO

Website speed testing

Image and link optimization

Ad Management

Google Adwords

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Twitter Ads

Native Ads


Website optimization

Digital transformation

Digital marketing

Technical migration & deployment

Tool Kit

Adobe Suite, Figma, Sketch

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Python, PHP, SQL

Linode, Digital Ocean, AWS

Think outside the box

How to make your website load lightning fast? ⚡️

We’ve made many websites and web applications at Mojo Digital, from paper to whiteboard to full fledged development. But what makes a good website load quickly and give the best user experience?

In a nutshell, image optimization, a great technical structure, minifying and caching your files, CDNs and online fonts, SVGs & JPEGs over PNGs, reduced redirects and lazy loading.

Ready to rock n' roll?
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